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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 8, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the santa rosa sheriff is bracing for a second day of democrat congratulation over outrage because the district attorney decided not to charge a deputy that shot and killed a 13-year-old carrying a coy gun that looked like an ak-47. andy lopez was shot and killed by deputy erick gelhaus last year october 22nd. the commune was angry now and more upset now. amy hollyfield joins us outside the sheriff's department. amy? >> look at this barrier that the
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sheriff has put around the building. we talked to protesters and they say they don't appreciate message this sends them. we checked in with city leaders and protest organizeers to see what they are expecting this afternoon. >> protests actually already held a march. this was last night. they say they will continue their activism. they hope the rally is larger and louder. they say they want justice for 13-year-old andy lopez. he was just a child and should not have been shot to death. the d.a. announced year the shooting was a tragedy but not a crime and that she would not be pressing charges against the sheriff's deputy. city leaders say they understand the need to be heard and hope it is done peacefully, professors say there is no need to worry. >> for them to sit there and go ahead and put up barricades is kind of. ...saying we think this is what you will do we will prevent you
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from doing it ahead of time. looking at us like we are those people. we're not. we have been peace will. we will continue to be peaceful. >> we believe in the citizens' first amendment right to express themselves and something in a tragedy of this magnitude expressing themselves is important. i am hopeful they will do it in the manner that the protests happened today which are peaceful and constructive and ultimately healing. >> here is a picture of the bb gun lopez was holding. the deputy thought it was an ak-47 rifle. the d.a. said erick gelhaus thought his life was in danger when he shot lopez. protesters want erick gelhaus fired from the department and they want him indicted for lopez' death and will continue to fight until that happens. today's protest is scheduled to start at 11:00 o'clock. amy hollyfield for abc7.
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>> a bank of america branch is closed after a driver slammed into the building early this morning. the woman driving is seriously injured. and nick, any word on what is behind the crash? >> absolutely. investigators got here thinking they were looking into a simple vehicle accident but when they get here and saw the damage and had an opportunity to speak to witnesses and gather evidence at the scene it quickly turned into a d.u.i. investigation. >> this laid model white mazda has been reduced to a mangled pile after smashing throughed doors of this bang of america before 6:00 a.m. traffic investigators spent the morning trying to put together what happened. >> the solo driver was traveling at a high rate of speed southbound on mission street and it lost criminal in the intersection and it subsequently jumped a curb and struck things
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behind it. >> it landeddibles from the bus stop after the driver, a woman believed in her 40's narrowly missed a computer bus packed with commuters. >> it could have been worse. >>the driver was transported to san francisco general with life threatening injuries and evidence at the scene turns this simple track accident interest something more. >> there were symptoms of which will and we believe this is a d.u.i. investigation. >> an official with bank of america arrived to look at dark, snap pictures and talk with police. he did not speak with us. >> we will review the cameras. >> investigators are pulling video from bank america and this traffic camera, a real time digital map of the events leading to the crash. >> we have independent witnesses and any evidence we gather is great. >> orange markers show where the car jumped the curb and they
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used by traffic investigators to determine the trajection. we know this bank of america will remain closed for at least the next two days and, in fact, they are saying they are re-directing their customers to the 15 ocean branch. >> police looking for three people such suspected of standing a man near the university of san francisco campus after getting into a car accident before 9:30. when he got out of the car he was punched, stabbed and robbed by the other driver and two other men. they got away in a white vehicle possibly a chrysler. the victim managed to run after the attack to the hospital and he is recovering. >> san francisco police are look for the man behind an unusual home robbery. the man got into the home by slipping his hand through the mail slot in opening the front door. it happened at 1:30 this morning at a home near 19th.
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politician say the homeowners were insides and the suspect told them he had a gun. the man took a bag full of personal belongings and electronics and left. police are still looking for the robber. >> in san jose a family wants to know who stole a campaign sign from the front yard and the homeowners noticed the mayor's sign was missing and they checked the surveillance video and the woman in the yellow pants grabbed the sign and ran back to the car. the video has led to conspiracy theories. she now is culled the banana pants bandit. both the campaign and his opponent we say they do not necessity who is responsible. a housing advocate group in san francisco is withdrawing the initiative to restrict airbnb and although the group got enough circumstances to qualify if the november ballot, it will instead work through the legislative process. short-term rentals through sites
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like airbnb are growing in popularity but they threaten affordable housing. in an hour, a rally will get underway in oakland over the minimum wage. workerser gagad at the chamber of commerce to call on the city council to pass a list oakland measures raising the minimum wage to $12.25 an hour and the city council is holding a committee hearing to talk about the impact on workers, local business and the overall economy in oakland. >> roller coaster riders in southern california get a frightening vice when the car derailed in a freak accident. the latest on the investigation at six flags. >> rescue east california coast, driving into the turbulent waters in a life or death struggle. this picture is a look at the bay from emeryville camera. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast next.
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>> a powerful typhoon taking aim at japan and a plan died when waves overtook the boat. the typhoon was downgraded from super typhoon status but it will is packing a powerful punch.
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here is how it looks from space: a german astronaut tweeted to photo, the eye of the storm. he is working on the international space station and captured the amazing site. >> president obama and inspect ors are testifying the tracks of a roller coaster when flags were stuck for hours at six flags at magic mountain. here is the latest on that story. it was scary for the wrong reasons at six flags in california. we still have victims on the ride. >> the roller coaster was coasting along at 55 miles per hour and the lead car hit a tree that fell across the tracks. it bent to the right at 45 degree angle. the impact dislodged the first car and forced the ride to shut down. >> we her yelling. it sounded like they panicked. they didn't know what to do.
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>> 22 riders were trapped for three hours with cars happening -- hanging 20 to 30' from the ground. >> obviously there is a lot panic and confusion when something like this happens. >> rescuers used a huge chain to secure dangling car to the support beam. it was painstaking process as riders were pulled down one or two at a time. four people were hurt but all the injuries were minor. a man about to board it before the accident and we decided to leave and really happy we left. that could have been me. >> the park stayed open. or rides continued. >> it made me uncomfortable because if it happen on a ride it could happen in my ride. officials say the safety of the
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gusts and priorities is the number when priority. >> a teen is involving after being knocked unconscious in southern california rip current and his wild rescue was caught on video and the teen fell into the rough water and was knocked out. you can see the drama going on and a man tried to grab the teen but he was pulled into the water so a second man took the plunge and he dived in and started performing cpr. they thought the teen was dead but a miracle, he survived and was taken to the hospital. if he was one more minute in the water he would have been dead. >> two guardian angels. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with our forecast. a little cooler? what do you think, mike? >> it will be cooler moving into the forecast. today with the extra sunshine you can see the flags on pier 9
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and that will temper the warming that some bring us today. we will have the late on the cooling trend and the back half of the seven-day forecast with 90's and the latest on the typhoon that touches all parts of japan. washington state goes to pot. recreational marijuana goes on sale for the very first time. >> does this look like an airline flight safety video to you? >> nooo. >> that is why it is causing a big stir. >> some say it
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. rebound asking congress for $615 million to help fight summer wildfires that have already broken out in the west including two right here in northern california. a fire just east of lake berryessa is now 55 percent contained and nearly 6,500 acres are destroyed and the fire is still burning in some spots. firefighters are having to deal with steep and rugged terrain and temperatures in the 90's. smoke will be over the area the next several days. >> the other wildfire, the bus fire, is 95 percent contained and it has burned 4,300 acres between lake berryessa and the napa valley with flames destroying two homes homes and n structures. firefighters are mopping up and looking for hotspots. investigators are still looking for the cause of both fires. the first hell sales of recreational marijuana are not underway in washington state.
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in seattle, they were unloading boxes of packaged marijuana and stocking the shelves. anyone over 21 can buy pot without a doctor's note. two grams society you back $50. washington is the second state to legalize marijuana. colorado was the first in january. the first few customers were getting it for their grandfathers' 84th birthday. >> a bizarre project ever to appear on kick starter and the most successful. started at a ten dollar quest to make potato salad has transformed into a $40,000 crowd funding campaign. zac brown received donations from 3,400 backers around the world. he appeared on "good morning america" this america to talk about what he will do with it the ought most go i can do with this. kick starter has terms that prohibit giving money directly to charity but i have asked
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people on twitter and i will ask people here today to how we can take this moment, this campaign and this money and do the most good with it. >> great. >> he still hasn't made the potato sal had yet but he received thousands of recipes and will likely launch an online campaign to pick the best campaign. >> grandma's potato salad is the best. >> heading outside we will check on the breeze. mike? >> breezy up here on the radio of the broadcast center. good morning to you. you can see the cloud cover is less existent than yesterday and not is widespread or as turbulent as yesterday when we watched the clouds at this time. live doppler 7 hd shows the monsoon moisture for the most part moving to the north away from us and right now you can see the best chance of showers
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in the hills and to the higher terrain of the sierra nevada. dillon beach .04" from a fire that moved through at 2:00 this morning. the clouds will be stubborn along the cost but you will see more sunshine than yesterday and you can see the clouds in the central valley moving to the north more than to the west. it made for a beautiful sunset yesterday in livermore and this beautiful color of sunset from livermore last night and probably will not be so colorful tonight. from emeryville you see the clouds hugging the coast as we look to the west and we will see increasing sunshine and the breeze will keep the highs close to where we were yesterday, cloudy and cooler tonight with drizzle and the next couple of nights before the week end warming trend begins sunday into next week, and the moisture moving away from us and a small area of high pressure is trying to build in today but it looks
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like a cold front will move through keeping the clouds and cooling trend going. upper 70's through the santa clara valley and los gatos and gilroy in the mid-80's and up the peninsula,80 at los altos and upper 60's around downtown, south san francisco and mid-70's nearly 80 through the north bay valley and 20 degrees cooler at the coast and upper 60's at berkeley and the cool spot long the east bay shore and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70's and east bay valleys mid-80's to nearly 90 degrees and may not need to run the air conditioning today. from the east bay hills camera we have game two of the bay bridge series and this sat the coe, so, 7:00 first pitch and increasing clouds and decreasing temperatures and down to 61 by end of the game and most of us are in the 50's tomorrow, a few lingering 60's hold on in the east bay valley but this morning was the last of the stuffy mornings and we have gone from four down to three and right now
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we think it is a category one is what japan is saying. it will be a category one as it heads to nagasaki at 5:00 our time tomorrow evening. look how it just runs right across japan all the way through thursday and it will be a tropical storm so inland flooding because of fresh water rains will be the biggest issue. two- to four-degrees cooler tomorrow and morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and temperatures are closer to average on saturday and above average on sunday and monday away from the coast. quiet pattern setting up here at home. enjoy. a security firm says most of what you put on your old smartphone like the stuff you thought was roast can be recovered even after you wipe the device clean and that includes...nude selfies. 20 smartphones were bought that were wide clean and they involved pictures and contact information and searches and a
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completed loan application, information like that could make you think twice about selling your own smartphone. >> an airline causing turbulence with the latest inflight safety video. >> relax. you on island time now. >> this video by air new zealand features "sports illustrated" models in bikinis detailing prenight safety rules with an inattempt backlash with thousands of critics say the airline is object filing woke. they have pulled the video and petitioners are claiming victory but air new zealand says it changes the safety videos every few months. what happens if you pinch your skin while buckling your seatbelt. >> i am sure it got people's attention. >> obviously. >> a new prediction by brazil's psychic
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crisis at the border, a bay area city could be hoping thousands of children entering the united states illegally. reading on the go, a ring for your fingers that is like a tablet for the blind. >> when it comes to world cup
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prediction forget the human expert, right in for the inside stuff go to a turtle. this turtle. a turtle in brazil. his him is "big head." and he picked for today. >> he ate the tree under the german flag and then ate the tree under the brazilian flag. >> the crowd erupted and took this as an omen that brazil will win. >> you can watch the semifinals this week on espn at 1:00 o'clock brazil versus germany and then netherl
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♪ >> hey! hey! what's up? what up? what up? what up, baby? what's up, brother? >> how you doing? >> yeah, why don't you come on out here? yeah! [cheers and applause] yeah! hello, and welcome to millionaire! across from me is a contestant who loves trivia, and he's been preparing to be on a game show since he was seven years old, y'all. from dallas, texas, let's hear it for jeff burleson! what up, jeff? [cheers and applause] seven-- seven years old, you got to tell me about this, man. >> yeah, um, well, i-- i knew that with quiz bowls, you have to have those plungers--those plunger thumbs strong, so when i'd go to the bathroom when i was a kid, i'd take the toilet roll off of the plunger, and i'd use that little squeezy thing and try and get my thumb


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